Bahinabai – Chaudhari

Bahinabai ChaudhariThis world famous Marathi poetess born in Asoda, Nashik District in 1880, was in traditional sense “illiterate”.

However her genius is original. Her understanding of human life is difficult to fathom. Though widowed early, she was self sufficient and independent.

Her poems is an invaluable treasure of Marathi literature. They reflect her real day-to-day life and are composed in the form of Leva Marathi “Owees” which are simple, but very appealing. They explain the wisdom of human life in incredibly simple words.

Her minute observation of nature, flora and fauna, green fields, rivers, wells etc. appears in her poems in such a lively form that her poems appear like beautiful paintings. All her philosophic Owees. Her sense of humor, her selection of words prove that she was a naturally “gifted” poetess of Maharashtra ring with moral implications. She breathed her last on 3.12.1951