Dholya Ganapati

Dholya Ganapati This Peshwa time Ganapati is located near the Ashok Stambh in the central Nashik. Conventionally, temples of Maruti, Ganapati, Bhairavnath were set up beyond the limits of a city or village. According to this convention, the Nashik’s inhabitation ended near this temple. The deity is lovingly called Dholya because of its impressive hugeness – aptly called Lambodar, Vishalkay etc. The temple is frequented by college students and is very crowded during the day. Gaikwad family looks after the idol and the temple. Location Icon

Navshya Ganapati

Navshya Ganapati This Ganapati was installed by Anandibai during the period of Peshwa at Anandvalli on Gangapur road going towards Someshwar. Previously an independent village is now within Nashik city limits. Since this Ganapati answers to the offerings in prayers (navas), it is called Navshya Ganapati. Recently a local Shiv Sena corporator took the lead to renovate this temple. A small path dotted by trees on either side leads to the river and this temple on the slope near the riverbank is worth a visit. Godavari’s huge river basin and green fields along the bank are so spellbinding that you don’t feel like leaving this place. This naturally beautiful spot attracts film shootings too. Location Icon

Guru Gangeshwar Ved Mandir

Guru Gangeshwar Ved Mandir The Ved Mandir was built with the aim of studying Indian culture and Ved and Puranas. A private trust of Mr Sarada founded the temple.The temple is the example of modern interiors built with Italian Marble. The entrance to the temple is very large and attractive with glasses and flood lights. Free training and education on Ved-Puranas is given to students from all over India. The temple contains the idols of Shriram, Laxman and Sita. Along with them is the beautiful idol of Guru Gangeshwaraji. Location Icon

Shitaladevi Temple

The temple is situated near the Goraram Temple. The devotees believe that the goddess Shitala cures diseases like Smallpox, Chickenpox etc. But now since smallpox has been eradicated and Chickenpox can be treated if fatal, the importance of this temple has lessened.

Balaji Mandir

This temple, situated at the “Ramsetu” bridge near Sarkarwada, was built in 1771. The idols in the temple were found by Ganapatibuva Gosavi in the small village of Pannav-velli in Tamil Nadu. The Lord Balaji’s crown is made out of gold embedded with pearls and diamonds. Balajiwale Trust looks after the maintenance of the temple.

Murlidhara Temple

The temple situated in Goraram Lane, was built by late Shri Dadabuva in 1828. The temple has a very beautiful idol of lord Krishna with flute.

Kapurthala Chatri

Between Gadage Maharaj Bridge and Ramsetu bridge, there is 30 feet high Kapurthala Chatri (umbrella) made of marble stone. In 1870, former king of Kapurthala (Punjab) died in Eden. The Chatri was built in his memory. In front of the Chatri is the Kapurthala Dharamshala.

Katya Maruti (Hanuman Temple)

Katya Maruti This templeof Hanuman towering to a height of idol is 11.5 feet, is situated near Laxman bridge, built in 1771, by Shri Raghunath Bhatt Karte.


Nearby is the Panchratneshwar temple buit in 1758. It has Shivalinga from the times of the Lord Shri Rama.