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  • Deliveries will not be done on Sunday and Office holidays
  • Place your order 3 days before the date of delivery
  • All items will be deliver between 10am to 7pm on all working days
Mawa + Kaju – 1 kg.
(Green Pista Burfi, Dry fruit Burfi, Kaju Katali, Mango Burfi, Chocolate Burfi, Gulkand Burfi)

Mawa + Kaju

(Green Pista Burfi, Dry Fruit Burfi, Kaju Katali, Mango Burfi, Chocolate Burfi, Gulkand Burfi)

Beasan + Mawa + Kaju – 1 kg.
(Ladu, Kaju Katali, Makkhan wada, Mango burfi, Chocolate/Gulkand Burfi, Green Pista Burfi)

Beasan + Mawa + Kaju

(Ladu, Kaju Katali, Lawang Lata, Makkhan wada, Mango burfi, Dry Fruit Burfi, Chocolate Burfi, Green Pista Burfi, Gulkand Burfi, Suka Jam, Mhaisur Wadi, Khurchand Wadi)

Mawa – 1 kg.
(Pata Panjabai, Dryfruit Burfi, Mango Burfi)

Mawa Burfi

(Pata Panjabai, Dryfruit Burfi, Green Pista Burfi, Mango Burfi, Milan, Shivraj, Chocolate Burfi)

Dry Fruit Burfi – 1 kg.
(Dryfruit Burfi, Dates, nuts, apricots, pista)

Dry Fruit Burfi

Fresh Dry Fruit Burfi, Dates, nuts, apricots, pista

Motichur Laddu – 1Kg.

Motichur Laddu

Sweets Motichur Laddu

Mango Burfi – 1 kg.

Mango Burfi

Fresh Mango Burfi

Kesar Peda – 1 kg.

Kesar Peda

Fresh Kesar Peda

Malai Peda – 1 kg.

Malai Peda

Fresh Malai Peda

Kaju Katli – 1 kg.

Kaju Katli

Fresh Kaju Katli

Kaju Roll – 1 kg.

Kaju Roll

Fresh Kaju Roll

Kesar Badam Burfi – 1 kg.

Kesar Badam Burfi

Fresh Kesar Badam Burfi

Milk Cake – 1 kg.

Milk Cake

Fresh Milk Cake

Soan Papdi – 1 kg.

Soan Papdi

Fresh Soan Papdi

Green Pista Burfi – 1 kg.

Green Pista Burfi

Fresh Green Pista Burfi