Anand Niketan School

Anand Niketan School Anand Niketan is a school with a difference. It moulds children into confident citizens of tomorrow. It is synonymous with quality education and open for all irrespective of caste, creed, religion, race and known as confidence building center with excellence in academics for joyful meaningful, purposeful education aiming at social harmony. Medium of instruction is marathi, mother-tongue and vernacular language.

Fuelled by the desire to develop the best that is latent in children, Anand Niketan prepares them for challenges of the changing world by encouraging self-discipline, self-reliance self-regulation, with physical mental, psychological competence. Here, Warmth, independence, equality are contagious qualities. Anand Niketan actively encourages children to think outside the box, go behind, and beyond the obvious.

Anand Niketan has created an educational system that is based on values, like honesty, conviction, and self-confidence. The school is distinguished itself by perceptive realization of the educational needs that to be met to achieve true personal and community welfare. Revolutionizing the concept of a school as a playground for academic excellence, Anand Niketan focuses more on moulding the personality and individual strengths of children to make them confident citizens of tomorrow.

What do we stand for?

Comprehensive, Social

To create social awareness, social bonding and accountability. Develop balanced thinking and psychological competence in children. Thereby making them, responsible and responsive citizens.


Education in Mother tongue – Education in mother tongue enables children to understand subject matter properly and expressive. This has been proved scientifically.

Learning through experience and its application – Participation, involvement, self-experience and self-study with teachers as facilitators will make wonders. Systematic and comprehensive study of subjects – Formal education is augmented with other selected references which enables to take interest and understand the subjects.

Understanding the interrelationship of education and life – Through the inter action with surroundings children find the secrets of knowledge revealed to them. It is a journey of realisation, which gives confidence in real walk of life.

Entrepreneurship development

We should not just increase the number of frustrated job seekers. Entrepreneurship development is the need of the hour. An enterprising person is one who recognizes his own potential vis-a-vis the resources around him/her, and with an original approach adds value to the resources to convert them into products or services, for profitable economic exchange. Enterprising persons are required in all walks of society.

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