Misal Pav at Sadhana

Misal Pav at Sadhana Misal Pav is a popular breakfast dish eaten in Nashik since many days needs no introduction. Misal is a “tasty devour” for your taste buds. People in Nashik flock at the favorite misal joints on weekends to enjoy their spicy snack. The Misal & tarri has two versions medium and spicy, but if you want the real “spice kick” opt for spicy one.

This misal joint is located at Hardev Baugh, near motiwala college Nashik, but has its roots in old Nashik in chowk mandai since 1959. Sadhana Restaurant, one of the oldest food joints in Nashik, has started gaining recognition as they serve the traditional (Chuli varchi) Misal. The specialty of misal is that it is prepared in a traditional way on a chul that is fired by coal, cow-dung and wood.

It has come a long way from old Nashik to new Nashik. “During the weekends about 1000 people come here to eat. A lot of them even parcel it home for their family and friends. And as it’s located in green environs with great rustic & rural set up which feels pleasant, so the place is constantly full with people. The luring feature of this misal is the ambiance is beautiful as the owner has taken care of the naturally surrounding around the joint and has farms in the nearby vicinity which gives a cool and soothing feeling. The sitting arrangement is idyllic, the huts made up of big coconut trees and the wooden interior offers you peace with nice breeze if you are visiting the place in morning or evening. It’s perfect joint to be with your loved ones as everybody falls in love with the environment. A little stroll on the lawn here makes you relax and the greenery fills your heart with joy.

Sadhana Misal attracts you with the settings inside the joint but lack in service because on weekends, it is crowded and you have to be patient till time you are allotted with a table. And have to manage with your misal temptation because your mouth starts watering with the aroma.

Look at the crowd here and you will understand the reason why the ambiance and interiors are designed for only efficiency at serving as many people as possible. The wooden benches will ensure that one can’t get too comfortable and waste time in any other activity than hogging the Misal :). As owners candidly explained they trimmed the menu and removed timepass items like tea etc. for the same reason. Ensure the genuine ‘Misal’ lover is not deprived of seats. But overall it is a paisa wasool spicy experience.

Nashikites & Misal is the fixed equation and arguments can be as fiery as the serving on the plate. Every true-Naskite has a favorite missal place, and will brook no arguments about it. We have listed some of the hot and humble misal. So who we have’nt rated or ranked any of the joint because every misal is special with a uniqueness of its own.

So enjoy the misal and every dimension of spicy with different misal joints !! Location Icon