Vihar Misal

Price per plate : 45
Location : Gangapur Road

Vihar Misal Experience the explosion of different flavors at once but the main flavor being fiery hot. There we were sitting right next to total strangers and devouring one of the spiciest food on this planet. The tears started rolling from eyes and you needed handkerchief to wipe the nose and eyes at same time! Small drops of sweat starts forming on forehead and nose and the nose matched that of circus buffoon. Spicy rassa gives unexplained satisfaction to spicy Misal lovers. Buttermilk is available to digest spiciness.

This particular joint witnesses the maximum footfall in the city owing to its location on Gangapur Road. Around 1200 people visit the place and it is particularly known for the pavs that are homemade. The owner Mr Shashikant Shinde shares “Many people think that ours is a branch of Shamsundar but that’s not true. The confusion arose because of the common surname we share with the owners of Shamsundar. The misal has red curry and the pavs we serve are prepared by the hotel only.” Youngsters prefer having a kadak pav with the misal here that are some unique features of this misal . After having the misal one can certainly taste the juicy meetha pan (beetle leaf) which one can get at the cash counter. The spicy misal and after juicy meetha pan it is a fire n ice experience with a great satisfaction.

Tha pav at Vihar misal are quit big in size so having two pav fill your stomach and the the spicy tarri can’t be eaten without curd. If compared to Sudarshan misal it’s mild in taste so the misal lovers can have it without curd. But as Sudarshan misal is in the outskirts of the city people to prefer Vihar misal . This dish before was cater to farmers , laborers but today with changing time all the cream crowd loves to have this delicacy in their breakfast.

The very interesting part of this misal is as its located in the residential area people during morning go for walk to burn the calories and the aroma of the misal tempts them to again put on the calories. It is a dish that you taste for once and get hooked forever. The Misal Pav in Khamshet also has its own brand of unique charm. In fact, countless visitors just can’t stop gushing about the place. In short, rest assures that a trip to Misal Pav Khamshet will leave you with a lifetime of fond memories. Location Icon