Curry Leaves Misal

Price per plate : 45
Location : Jehan Circle

Curry Leaves Misal Vikram Ugale started this restaurant two years ago after researching about the dish. The hotel tried various recipes for about three months and took feedback from our regular customers before finalizing on one recipe which is a blend of black and red curry. Within eight months the missal has become popular among the city’s youngsters who frequent this place every day. The specialty of this misal is, it is a unique mixture of sprouts served with vermicelli, coriander and chopped onion-tomato salad. A special south-Indian papad is also served with the dish here.

Some emotions are attached with misal and we have some emotional experience to share from one of the misal lovers who have been in the city and fall in love with misal madly. So let’s read the heart of the misal lover (name) Saurabh “nevertheless, it was hard not to dip my pav into the smouldering misal and to take a large bite of the curry soaked pav. Before I knew it, I had run out of my pavs! The Rassa had definitely blown my mind but in the most deliciously amazing way! My worries of undergoing a bypass surgery before hitting 30 were gone. I had found a delectable quintessential Marathi breakfast that had sent my senses into a tizzy. The rassa, much to my disbelief, was incredibly light and with a great texture owing to the meticulously prepared spice paste with the Mirchi at its heart. The spiced lentil and potato mixture sitting at the bottom of the plate, soaking through the rassa provided a great body to the dish”.

After a quiet session of ruing for the lost time and missed opportunities, the reason for the popularity of this lip smacking local delight eventually made sense to me. It was none other than the mirchi I had so vehemently avoided all this time! It brought forth a warmth, comfort and intensity that I had come to experience while living in the city. After finishing the final spoonful of the missal in my plate, I sat wondering of all the possible ways to better the experience and before long I found my answer sitting in front of me — a second plate of smouldering Misal Pav! The pieces of bread acted like a binding agent in combination with the gravy and came in handy to polish every drop from the plate.

A wonderful after-misal drink was a glass of `taak’ or buttermilk. It was the perfect neutraliser and coolant needed after this spicy snack. Amazed at how full we were after an unassumingly small plate of misal, we left the place in the same way we entered it — with eyes wide open and our stomachs and hearts longing for more… Location Icon