Bhagwati Misal

Bhagwati – The Black Misal
Price per plate : 45
Location : Panchavati Karanja

Bhagwati Misal Misal is a feast to your taste buds. Its fiery taste sweeps you off. Misal-Pav is a great one meal food. Bhagwati’s Misal is much hotter, spicy, and fiery than other misal. One major difference in this misal these misal is that Kala Masala is used to enhance the taste of misal. If your taste buds are on fire biting into the pan will help you out. This joint was started in 1951 by Lakshmanrao Kamble. Misal was sold here initially on a hand-cart. The present construction was built in 1975. Lakshamanrao’s sons Subhash and Suresh Kamble run the place. Speaking about the specialty of the misal served here, “The kala masala used to make the black curry is made at home. The recipe was passed on by our grandfather and we still use it. The authenticity of the dish attracts a lot of youngsters daily.”

Each and every layer of Misal gives you different taste the first layer is hot n spicy while adding some drops of lemon make it more mouth-watering. And if you find it too much spicy then you can toned it down a little to adjust the pungent taste with lemon. Misal is the 2 generation tradition in Bhagwati and the kala Masala is the USP of this misal . As it is located in Panchavati the most old spot in the city Bhagwati has created abran in itself since 1975.Its been a long journey for Bhagwati in the Misal Pav Business and all the connoisseurs in the city look upto Bhagwati for the appetizing misal.

In Bhagwati what you get in return is the yummy taste of the Misal Pav and then the sudden squeeze of the Misal Spice tempt you and till the bite of Misal Pav enters in your mouth. Then the onions fight for attention with their pungency entering your nostrils and an all round fresh crunch of the coriander leaves makes this one heady mixture of sorts which just drives you blindly for second helpings until you realize that the plate is wiped clean! Location Icon