Sarkar Misal

Price per plate : 45
Location : Trimbak Road

Sarkar Misal Keeping the popularity of the preparation in mind, Pavan Giri, owner of the place, started a misal festival last year. During the fest a variety of misals prepared from this place were served to customers. Misal in red curry, black curry, tawa misal, misal in green curry and homemade misal were the five types that were served during the time. The demand for the red curry variant is the maximum followed by the one made in black curry. Tawa misal is also popular but a selected group of people prefer it.

Presenting you the spiciest Misal in town which is not just spicy but equally tasty as well. So a foodie can’t resist finishing the whole plate even it creates fire on his taste-buds!

Might be many of you unaware about this Misal though it is very old . This misal is said to be the old one after sitabai’s misal and literally there will be smoke coming out of your ears and your nose watering but you enjoy it very much. If you have been bored eating the same thing try this out and all your tastes buds will be dancing for sure. It will freshen up your senses. So we decided to give it a try and we totally enjoyed this fiery ride. The whole secret lies in the masala that they keep adding to the rassa which gives it that fantastic taste. So if you love spice and if you love hotness.

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“It is tummy filler with high nutritional value “taste bhi health” and can be a whole meal in itself . Misal is an “absolute feast” for your taste buds. People in Nashik flock at the favourite misal joints on weekends to enjoy their spicy snack, it is usually eaten with great enthusiasm.

It is made with all the proper ingredients, it’s zesty, healthy, nourishing snack. It’s a real filer; this is one breakfast you must not miss. Location Icon