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Nashik Municipal Corporation The Municipal Corporation is a major decision making body, and the architects felt that it should be planned incorporating the principals of the vastupurusha mandala, which was at the basis of all design in ancient socities.

The interpolation of various spaces, functions and associated activities on the vastu grid has resulted in the civic and secular activities being located at the pada (feet) , passing along the diagonal axis leading to the Assembly Hall at the apex (mastaka). The intersection of the two diagional axes (brahma, bindu) forms an accesible interior court with the administrative and management functions placed along the arms.

The following aspects were achieved by using the vastupurusha mandala: flexibility in the designing of interior spaces, axial circuiting, open-to-sky courts providing ample light and cross ventilation. The skyline of the city is reflected in the shikharas representing the five elements of the Panchamahabuta.

IIA Snowcem Commendation Prize 1996. Project: Administrative Building of Nashik Municipal

Nashik Corporation

NMC Corridor This project located on a 2.3H plot at the junction of the most developed area of Nashik city is a winning entry from a national level competition held by Nashik Municipal Corporation. It has also received the IIA Snowcem Commendation prize for 1996.

corridorFor Ar. Arun Kabre architect of Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC), openness and logical circulation have been the key words for planning NMC administrative headquarters. The spaces thus created not only affects the visitors positively but play a vital role in creating an appropriate ambience for the corporation staff. He explains with flowing ease the simplicity of octagonal plan. Out of the 100 x 100 square metres, which is predominantly symetrical on the diagonal axis, first three levels of this structure have two blocks of 12m x 24m each.On these axis, which are linked with a 3m. wide passage forming horizontal connection overlooking an internal court yard of 30m x 30m. on one side and the land scaped out door space on the other side.

The plan having a lower ground floor, upper ground floor, first floor culminates in an octagonal second floor forming an umbrella over the lower floors. All floors linked vertically with four open type stairs providing a view of courtyard, the plan has been in response to make an effort in providing easy accessibility to various departments without confusion. The simplicity of the plan synchronized with well marked out sections, thoughtful provision of services and the imaginatively designedlandscape and site development, have resulted in an award winning project design. The design makes a sensitive statement of its own both from outside as well as from the inside. Sitting in the central courtyard of the NMC Headquarters, gazing through the linking corridors into outdoor spaces.

Targetting a project of this magnitude with bureaucratic attachment is no small achievement, opines AR Arun and we agree to this. At the same breath Arun praises his partner Ar. Chaudhari’s contribution in realising this project.

Light and Ventilation

A) Well placed large open courtyard provides ample natural light & adiquate cross ventilation.
B) Projecting top floor creating semi-covered out-door spaces. Thus protect glare provide cool air.

      1) Meeting Hall
      2) Mayors Bunglow
      3) Admin Building
      4) Courtyard

Nashik Municipal Corporation is committed to offer healthcare and other services for the welfare of citizens of Nashik. It has undertaken following projects for the development and prosperity of Nashik.

  • Construction of ‘Kashyapi Madhyam Dam’  to fulfill the future water supply needs of rising population of Nashik. 
  • Pipeline from Gangapur Dam to Water filtration plant. Ex-Mayor Panditrao Khaire took the initiatives in 1994-95 to get the sanctions. This project reduce a lot of water wastage. 
  • Drainage system for mosquitoes control and to keep purity of Godavari water. 
  • In CIDCO area, building a City Park for the entertainment  of the citizens 
  • Taking over of the City Bus Service to control the rising traffic problems. 
  • First Corporation from the state of Maharashtra to implement the “Prabhag Samiti Scheme” sanctioned by the Central Government to solve social problems. 
  • To build Shri Dadasaheb Phalke Memorial, father of Indian Cinema Industry. 
  • To setup the Palika Bazar (Super Market) for convenience of the citizens 
  • Mahatma Phule Kaladalan has been built to encourage the upcoming artists. 
  • Olympic style Swatantray Veer Savarkar swimming pool has been built up in the area of Nashik and Nashik road. 
  • For citizens’ healthcare, a well equipped J. D. C hospital and other hospitals, mobile hospitals and 24 hours services are available. 
  • Forestation and plantation programs to make ‘Green Nashik’. 
  • Godavari action plan to clean the Ganges of South alias Godavari river. 

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