Sanap Chivda

Sanap Chivda Sometimes satisfying our hanger is just not enough.. taste has become the major part of our food habits. Since the period of time, man started using salt to add test in progress by using millions of types of test ingredients in the seek of test.

In India there are many food items which are consumed by people just for the sake of taste. ‘Chivda’ or ‘Bhel’ are those food items which lies in the category of ‘chat’. Chat, kind of snack food is common but famous all over the India and it includes various types of dishes having large number of specialties. It represents different regional local culture among which ‘Chivda’ is typically Maharashtrain. In Maharashtra. people are happy to serve Chivda to their guests as a welcome snack.. The cultural regional and local connection to this particular snack chivda is so strong that it has become the identity of Nashik.

If we are talking about Nasik in the relation of ‘Chivda’ then ‘Sanap Chivda’ has to be mention in the list of famous Chivda center. In 1946 Murlidhaar Gangaram Sanap opened a chivda shop at Ravirar karanja in Yeshwant Mandai, on rental bases. Sanap Chivda made remarkable good business. So far that later on Murlidhar Gangaram Sanap purchased his own shop and shifted to Ravivar Karanja, all time crowded place in the city. With the unique taste of chivda he marked his presence in the Nasik city.

Today his son Sunil Murlidhar Sanap has taken his father’s chivda business to the new heights. He has introduced Chana Bhel which have pleasured tastes buds of Nashikites. Location Icon

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