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Gokhale Education Society’s
Bhikusa Yamasa Kshatriya (Sinnar) College of Commerce
BYK College


Gokhale Education Society’s B.Y.K. College of Commerce started working from 20th June 1957. It admits students to the Three year B. Com. Degree Course (Restructuring) and it is a post-graduate recognized centre (Teaching & Research) in commerce and management of the University of Pune. Facilities for various management courses and for Ph. D. in Management are also available in the campus.

The college provides facilities for teaching Advanced Cost Accounting, Advanced Accounting & Auditing, and Business Administration as the special subjects at B.Com. level. At M.Com. level, the special subjects are Accounting & Taxation, Cost & Works Accounting & Business Practices, Business Administration. By offering facilities for higher education in Commerce and Management Science, college has fulfilled the long felt need for such education in North Maharashtra. This college has acquired reputation of its own, in the field of higher education in commerce and management.

The Management is grateful to the firm Bhikusa Yamasa Kshatriya (Sinner) Pvt. Ltd. For donating a sum of Rs. 1,50,000/- for the building of the college in 1957 to commemorate its most enterprising founder, late Shri Bhikusa Yamasa Kshatriya, as also to the University Grants Commission and the State Government for releasing grants for development of the college. The Gokhale Education Society, which runs this college, is known as a quality and lead institution in the country. This college has played its role for establishing this unique position for our society. The Management has vision and outlook, which has provided new dimensions to highereducation, including business education.

The college is grateful to numerous industrial houses around Nashik, Pune, Thane and Mumbai for providing excellent co-operation for increasing the usefulness of commerce and management programs started in the college. The college is grateful to its past students for donating munificent amount of Rs. 5 lakhs during Silver Jubilee Year (1982-83) for Silver Jubilee Building.

The college is known as B.Y.K. (Sinner) College of Commerce and is permanently affiliated to the University of Pune since June 1963.

Aims and objects

The primary aim of this college is to develop eligible young men with education in commerce and management of a university standard in subjects that are bound to be of primary interest and importance to them in their career.

From June 1983 the college has been selected by the University of Pune for restructuring at under-graduate level for all six divisions of F.Y.B.Com. The college has plunged into this unique venture of introducing vocational, professional and applied bias to business education at B.Com. level.

M.Com. degree examinations of the University. The College also aims at providing research facilities and job-oriented courses to young graduates. Besides purely academic activities, the college has established link with the various commercial and industrial organisations. Industrial visits, projects work and viva-voce are a part of B.Com. degree course. This has given realistic outlook of life and healthy and practical turn to the system of commerce and business education. The ultimate aim is to foster among commerce and management students good organising abilities so that they may play a more fitting and responsible role of a leader in the planned socio-economic and agro-industrial development of our country.


The College provides a good hostel accommodation in the spacious hostel building. The hostel is under the control of the Rector. Students who are granted accommodation to the hostel occupy their rooms not earlier than the day following the beginning of the term. Resident students vacate their rooms on the day of the term of their College or University Examination, whichever is later.

Library and reading room facilities

The college library is housed in the spacious Library Hall of the building. The college library is kept open from 8 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. on all working days and the students spend their spare time in the college library. Special arrangement have been made in the library hall for quite reading and study.
The college supplies each candidate Identity Card at the commencement of the first term within a fortnight. This card helps depositing the fees and also for examination, police and municipal enquiries etc. Every student is required to have an Identity Card available for inspection on the college premises.
The Library has 50,000 books on various subjects and 1500 project reports prepared by B.Com. students and 75 magazines from India and abroad. Special facilities are provided to students appearing for examination such as IAS, ICWA, CA, Company Secretary and other examinations of UPSC and MPSC.

Separate reading-room facility is provide to
( i ) Post-graduate students
( ii ) Undergraduate students and students of Junior College classes. Reference service is provided to students of Ph.D. and other research workers.
Past students can take advantage of Library facility after paying a deposit of Rs.500/- and Rs.100/- per term as library fee.
All students of the College can use library and reading room. Open access facility is extended to post-graduate students.

Student organisation and participation

Students’ Council
The students’ Council is a body of representatives of the college to promote social, literary, intellectual & extra-curricular activities of the students. It arranges lectures, discussions, debates, tours, excursions and other similar activities. The activities of the Council are organised by a Managing Committee under the presidentship of the Principal and Chairmanship of one of the senior Staff member. Elections to the Council are held as per the University rules in July/August.

College Annual ‘VYAVAHAR’
The College Annual ‘Vyavahar’ is published every year sometime in June. It chronicles the life of the college in all its aspects and also contains articles on economics, commercial & other subjects. The magazine committee includes students’ representatives also.

College Gymkhana
Physical fitness, leadership & corporate discipline are valuable assets for active citizenship & successful career. The Gymkhana aims at promoting these qualities among the students. The Gymkhana is managed by the committee nominated by the Principal, who is its President, and the Chairman, who is the member of the staff.President and Chairman is in charge of sports activities of the College. The College Gymkhana provides, at present, for the following games and sports on the premises of the College.
1. Cricket, 2. Hockey, 3. Football, 4. Volley Ball, 5. Major Indian Games and Athletics .

New Heights of Excellence

Education is only a means to an end and not an end in itself. The ultimate objective of education is to make the whole man, an individual who is able to control his social and economic environment and participate in multifaceted activities of life with understanding, responsibility and enjoyment. Especially education should impart to the student following basic set of skills :
(a) Self-help skills; (b) Professional skills; (c) Social skills (d) Ethical skills.

Our College is the first institution in Maharashtra State with 600 students from one college of F.Y.B.Com. class who brought under restructuring for the above purpose from June 1983. The College aims at developing self-reliant learning habits, creating greater awareness of the social and cultural environment, developing appropriate communication skills, application of knowledge through projects and survey and pursuit of excellence and individual development of personality of making the whole man, through this programme. Through this restructuring programme, the College will help the students for developing careers in the following important areas : Chartered Accountants/ Cost Accounting/ Public Administration/ Tax Administration/ Business Management/ Computer & Systems Management/ Agricultural Management/ Entrepreneurship/ Insurance Management/ Rural Development/ Municipal Administration/ Labour Relations/ Banking & Finance/ Public Relations/ Marketing/ Advertising etc.

We considered this great opportunity. It was a prestigious issue and the college has attained new heights of excellence under this programme. Now one more opportunity is given for Vocationalisation at First Degree education. The College will not only make it a success but will emerge as a lead institution in the country in making University education entrepreneurial.

Salient Features

  • Established in 1957. Permanently affiliated to the University of pune.
  • College with research facilities for Ph. D. in Commerce & Management.
  • The only post-graduate college in the faculty of commerce in Maharashtra State with residential facilities for all courses.
  • Facilities for career guidance, vacation training & work experience.
  • Magnificent building with necessary equipment, highly qualified and experienced staff, excellent Library and Reading Room facilities, Hostel & Sports facilities.
  • Opportunities for promoting curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular interests through Students’ Council & Gymkhana.
  • Special Features : Well-equipped Computer Centre, Commerce Museum & Research Cell, Industrial Visits, Seminars, Case Studies, Syndicates & Group Discussions, Field Visits, Management Games, Role Playing, Workshops.
  • Close connection and active participation of the College in socio-economic and industrial activities in the region.
  • Hundred industrial houses on roll for project work & campus interviews.
  • The only college in the whole of the state with Computer Applications and Systems Management as an applied subject at S.Y. & T.Y.B. Com. level vocational subject at all levels.
  • The only college with Restructured B.Com. degree course in the whole state since June’83.
  • The only commerce college under Vocationalisation Programme in University of Pune from July’94.