Cardiac ambulance to be functional before Kumbh Mela

kumbhamela Due to the shortage of medical staff, trauma and cardiac ambulance of the civic body which was housed in the workshop near divisional office Panchvati, was gathering dust for 2 years which would be put into use very soon.

Before the onset of Kumbh Mela, the staff required for operating the ambulance service would be hired on contract basis from a private firm based in Pune. This is what the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) plans to balance the lack of staff.

The expenditure for the ambulance that was incurred by the civic administration at the initial purchase estimated Rs.40 lakh. The purpose of purchasing this ambulance was to provide cardiac patients with instant medical aid. Although it was made operational by September 2012, it soon became redundant due to shortage of medical staff that was to be appointed by the civic administration.

A cardiac ambulance needs qualified medical staff which includes four members i.e. a medical officer, a nurse, a helper and a driver for a single shift. Since there are 3 shifts in 24 hours, 12 member staff is required to suffice this. The civic administration was unable to recruit the required staff due to which the cardiac ambulance remained non functional. The basic purpose of a cardiac ambulance is to provide immediate medical aid during transit phase said an officer from NMC.

– Adolf