Dharmachakra Prabhav Tirth

Dharmachakra Prabhav Tirth
Dharmachakra Prabhav Tirth, Vilholi, Nashik

Please accept our earnest respects from the Dharmachakra Prabhav Tirth Committee , Vilholi , Nashik.
briefly after the Nirvana of the Supreme Religious Lord-Prabhu Veer , external assaulta & internal strife are still unrelenting till date. Coinciding the last words of Veer , Prabhu Veer , these are the amoral consequence of the Bhasma Graha , its prevailing duration of 2500 years has now come to an end. Now its remnant evil consequences are also degenerating. The exacerbated quarrels & hostility whichever are evident today , are akin to the light of an extinguishing lamp. since this task of defending the religious order is far beyyond the extent of humann endeavour , now heavenly powers are awakened to undertake this duty. In this regard , Tapagachha Yaksharaj Shri Manibhadraji & other godlike mentor deities & goddess are acknowledging through distinct symbols.

Donation of Land for the Tirth…. Bhoomi Poojan.. Pannyas Padarpan

Based on the concentrated power of the meditated deities , its purpose & contemplation & divines beacons received by the august sages , Rajendrabhai & vilasbhai the worthy sons of Sanghavi Kantaben Rasiklal – the residents of Nashik , declared the donation of ten acres of land out of their possession of lands near Vilholi village located about 12 Km. away from Nashik on the Bombay-Agra road , for the construction of the Tirth. On the auspicious day of Vaishakh Sud Sixth of the vikram Samvat 2048 , Suvishalgachhadhiapti Worshipful Acharya Shri Vijay Bhuvan Bhanu Soorishwarji Maharaj , in the mammoth presence of the Chaturvidh Sangh , blessed this land with potent Vasaakshepaa. On this day the Sage conferred the five disciples & sayasins with the order of Pannyas. And in this way , on the heavenly-denoted land at rapid pace , the construction work of the pilgrim – a symbol of an abode of spiritual upliftment to bliss–the Dharmachakra Prabhav Tirth was taken up.

The Foundation Stone of the Jinalaya… Order of Acharyaship… Sanghamal… Chalpratishtha

On the auspicious dayyy of Kartik Vada Ninth of the Vikram Samvat 2053 , obedient to the order & benediction of Sidhhantdiwakar Gachhadhipati Revered Acharya Shri Jai Ghosh Soorishwarji Maharaj & under the benign care of Revered Acharya Shri Jai Shekhar Soorishwarji Maharaj.

  • Foundation stone layying ceremonyy of the Jinalaya
  • Bestowing of the Order of Acharyaship to Tirthaprerak Hallowed Pandit Shrri Jagvallabh Vijayji Maharaj
  • Honouring the 9-day long histiric Chhari-Palit Sangha , arrived from Parle (Mumbai) just to touch thhe consecrated land of the Tirth
  • For the quicker execution of the work of the Tirth Chalapratishtha of the beautiful idol of very phenomenal Mantradhiraj Parshwanath Prabhu in the magnificent Devakulika . These events werre witnessed by thousands of Jains & non-Jains with great admiration.

The three floored Jinalaya (temple) of the Triloknath , reigning over the three realms , the four directions magnificient replicas of the great pilgrims such as siddhachal , Abuu , Girnar , Samet Shikhar atc. are designed outside it, a 12 feet high idol of the Lord Mahavir is set in the basement , in the foreground, in the centre in choumukhji, propagating the joy of devotion , escorted by the four Godly Moolnayaks, 108th Lord Parshwanath looks graceful, while Ashtapada Mahatirth is established in the crest of the monument . The foreground of the Jinalaya will become resplendent with an enchanting creation of the magnanimous Yantra of the Shri Mantradhiraj Stotra etched with figurines , an array of the statues of the hallowed gods & goddesses.

The Dhharmashala , the Bhoojanshala & a vast Upasharya for the apostles is also constructed here. Under the kind condescension of respected Gurudev, inauguration ceremony of this shrine was conducted by the Chief Guest Esteemed Shri Shrenikbhai Kasturbhai Shah, the President of Shri Anandji Kalyanji Pedhi , Ahmedabad on 7th & 8th March’98, where all the guests are welcome & people from all over have started visiting.

Facing the four Godly Moolnayaks, the Dharmachakra graced by Saptavarna & 1008 dowels with replicas of the two deer on either sides, will be placed with holy rituals on the lotus , on an artistically crafted portal outside the Jinalaya, sanctified by the divine vision & established by the Gods , Sustaining religious shield & spreading the dynamism of world peace , these Dharmachakras are the quintessence of this Tirth.

The construction work of this Tirth continue to receive unimaginable assistance from the Jains as well as non-Jainds without rrestoring to comrehensive publicity or motivation . Hence it is a ardently expected that every jain would become useful in this endeavour to earn the grace of the omnipatent… So is our … hearty aspirration….
With the venerable complimrnts from the

Dharmachakra Prabhav Tirth Committee
3, Abhyankar Towers, Phone : 57-0020 , 57-1446
Mahatma Gandhi Road, Fax No : (022) 57-0549
Nashik – 422001 , INDIA