Gokhale Education Society’s HPT Arts and RYK College of Science

Gokhale Education Society’s
HPT Arts and RYK College of Science
HPT and RYK College

About the College

Drawing inspiration from the great statesman, educationist Gopal KrishnaGokhale, the late Principal T.A. Kulkarni founded the Gokhale Education Society in 1918. Perhaps it is the only society in the state managed entirely by the teachers. The Society runs a network of schools, colleges and research institutes at a number of places, thus occupying a significant place in the educational map of the country.

Situated in a magnificent campus admeasuring seventy acres on the outskirts of Nashik, HPT Arts & RYK Science Collegecelebrated its Diamond Jubilee in 1984, Principal T.A.Kulkarni made this holy city holier by laying the solid foundation of this great temple of learning in 1924, and as the Founder Principal of the Institution, he shaped its destiny for well over 25 years. The last few years have been the years of metamorphosis for Nashik. In the nineteen thirties Nashik was just a centre of pilgrimage. It was predominantly an era of agriculture and placid life when the pursuit of knowledge was a labour of love and not for job-worthiness. The avidly areas of study included philosophy, languages and literature.

It was in the year 1924 that they made humble beginning. The great philanthropist and visionary, the late Hansraj Pragji Thackersey came fourth with a munificent donation, and gratefully the College was named after him. It was in the year 1948 that the science stream was added. On the eve of the Golden Jubilee of the college in 1974, Shriram Raojisa Yamasa Kshatriya, a leading industrialist of the town, made munificent donation for further development of science wings. Today, Nashik has become an important industrial centre and during the sixty years the eternal Godavari has silently watched the great change, The pastoral scene with all its leisurely pace is a thing of the past. The concept of education has undergone radical change. The pursuit of skills-modern and specialized has become the keyword to professional success.

The College has to yield to this mandate of the citizenry, and process is now, shall say, irreversible. Today the Institution has blossomed into a lead college with as many as 16 undergraduate departments, 8 post-graduate departments and significant centre for research activities in humanities as well as science subjects.

The only permanent thing in this world is change. In the field of education the pace of change has been phenomenal. They also have changed with the times. In keeping with the changing spirit and demands of time, they have introduced new courses and new programs. The diversification of courses at the undergraduate level is closely linked up with the growth of this city as an industrial centre. The college has useful links with the cross-section of the society which in turn helps us to link up all the academic activities with the social life of the town. Notable persons from the industries and different spheres of social life have associated themselves with all the significant academic programs arranged by the College from time to time. The vocationalization of various courses and introduction of subjects like Electronics, Computer Science, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Horticulture, Banking and Finance Bachelor of Journalism, Bachelor of Library Science, courses in Modern European Languages etc., have enhanced the social relevance of this institution. We are now being taken in by computers and electronic hi-tech. As eloquently put in by Toffler, we are in for an inescapable “Future Shock”. We wait with bated breath to witness the threshold of the 21st Century and its impact on our educational endeavours.

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