Indian Junior Chamber (IJC)

Indian Junior Chamber ( Affiliated to Indian Junior Chamber ) Junior Chamber International.
( JCI ) is a worldwide organisation of young persons, founded by Henry Giessenbier on 13th Oct. 1915.

Indian Junior Chamber (IJC) was founded in the year 1949 by a Philippino Jc. Sengunde Mapa. There are 20 zones all over India. Junior Chamber welcomes to its ranks, men and women between the age of 18 to 40 years regardless of the caste and creed. It is a voluntary training organisation where young people come together in friendly spirit. They participate in various projects undertaken by Jaycee. The participation broadens one’s personality, change the outlook and improve the ability to deal in the society and get along with it. Jaycee work over to develop the following qualities in one’s personality-

  • Developing leadership abilities
  • Building better communities
  • Providing fellowship.

Grapecity Junior Chamber

Grapes Nashik, one of the LOM (Local Organisation Member) out of 36 LOM’s in zone XIII with it’s zone president Jc.Nitin Date, was founded by Jc.HGF Praful Parakh on the auspicious day of the ‘Mahashivaratri’ in the year of 1996. The seeds sown by him were very well nurtured by Jc HGF Dnyaneshwar Gite during his tenure as president in 1997. His leadership brought “Outstanding LOM of the zone” award along with numerous other awards. Also National president recognised the LOM for 100% efficiency. The reins of such powerful and effective LOM are in the hands ofJc.Deepak Kasat for the year 1998. Under his leadership, Grapecity junior chamber has decided to penetrate into all five areas of the opportunity i.e. management, community, individual development, business and internationalism.

Some of the projects for this year shall be free medical check up with medicine minimum once in the month at Anjaneri, near Nashik.There shall be melodious competition ‘SA-RE-GA-MA’. There are atleast 8 general body meetings with dinner. Our LOM shall observe ‘Child Care Week’ specially meant for needy children. There are business directory, blood directory and discount card for the benefits of the member. There is also individual development programmes like effective public speaking, stress management, leadership, human relation, yoga, acupuncture, personality development and much more.

We, at Grapecity Junior chamber, Nashik proclaim to share an awareness of our domestic and international responsibility and willing to act, pool our resources to build a bright and more prosperous society with youth vision, courage and enthusiasm. Thus along with us we believe in the development of YOU.


Jc. Deepak Kasat, President. 19, Jondhale complex, Sharanpur Road, Nashik – 422002, Maharashtra, India.
Phone : 0091-253-573239 Fax : 0253-575067 Email :

Jc. Rajesh Vora, Vice President.(Int.)

Jc. Kamlesh Parakh, Secretary (Sect.)

Mr. Deepak Kasat and Mr. Rajesh Vora are the pioneers to take Nashik Jaycees on the Internet.