Karmveer Ravsaheb Thorat Kala, Bhausaheb Hire Commerce &
Annasaheb Murkute Science College

K.T.H.M. College


Nashik Zilla Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj (NZMVP) established the KTHM college. It has junior and senior college wings. NZMVP is one of the progressive and pioneer educational institutions of Maharashtra. Taking inspiration from Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Rajashri Shahu Chhatrapati, NZMVP was established by Karmaveer Ravsaheb Thorat, Ganpatdada More, D.R. Bhosale, Kirteevanrao Nimbalkar, Vithoba Patil Kandalaskar. It was started with one hostel and five students. Karmaveer Bhaurao Hire, Karmaveer Kakasaheb Wagh and Karmaveer Annasaheb Murkute in later years run and developed the institute further to reach to the corners of surrounding cities and villages of Nashik.

The college was established in June 1969, which is affiliated to Poona University. It has Arts, Commerce, Science and Computer Science branches. The number of students in 1969 was 500, which has increased to 11125 in 1996-97. The college has attracted students not only from Nashik, but also from the whole Zilla, and North Maharashtra.

Salient features

    Academically, the school has set up a high standard

  • The grand edifice of the college is situated on the bank of Godavari River. 
  • It has spacious playgrounds for games. 
  • The college library is equipped with 68000 books and an attached study. 
  • A separate hostel exists exclusively for ladies. 
  • The Godavari River vicinity has facilitated the College Boat Club. 
  • There are a number of groups encouraging artistic talents of students. 
  • College helps students to become self-sufficient under the “Earn and Learn” scheme. 
  • It has N.C.C. (Army, Navy, Ladies NCC) and N.S.S. schemes 
  • Offers graduation and post-graduation courses in Computer Science. 
  • Arts, Science and Commerce branches include 14 post-graduation courses. 
  • Students have been ranking in Merit List 
  • Emphasis of discipline and study 
  • Talented students get encouragement. 
  • Courses are based on minimum skills and job-oriented courses are taught 
  • Individual  guidance 
  • Book bank scheme 
  • Career and Entrepreneurship Guidance 
  • Grooming  for Competitive Examinations 

Scholarships / Freeships

The College offers following scholarships/ freeships –

  • National Talent Scholarship
  • State Government Open Merit Scholarship
  • Government open scholarship for eligible talented urban students
  • Merit Scholarships for the primary and secondary school teachers’ children
  • Physically handicapped students scholarship
  • S.C.,S.T. and B.C. scholarships by the Central Government
  • Concessions for Freedom Fighters’ children
  • E.C.B. Concession – for students, whose parents’ income is below Rs. 15000.00 per year
  • Concession for Secondary School Teachers’ children
  • Concession for the Employees’ children

Junior college courses

11th and 12th Standard

Compulsory subjects – a) English b) Marathi, Hindi or Urdu
Optional subjects – (Any Four) a) Economics b) Sociology c) History d) Geography e) Psychology f) Mathematics and Statistics
g) Co-operatives h) Politics

Compulsory subjects – a) English b) Marathi, Hindi or Urdu
Optional subjects – (Any four) – a) Book keeping and Accountancy b) Mathematics and Statistics c) Secretarial Practice
d) Economics e) Commercial Organization f) Co-operatives

Compulsory subjects – a) English b) Marathi, Hindi or Urdu
Optional subjects – (Any Four) a) Physics b) Chemistry c) Geography d) Biology e) Mathematics and Statistics
f) Applied Electronics

Professional Courses based on minimal skills
a) Electronics Technology
b) Electrical Repairing and Maintenance Course
c) Medical Laboratory Technology
For the above courses the subjects are
a) English b) Marathi/Hindi c) Basic Course d) 3 papers of specialization
Electronics Professional Course
Subjects for the above course are
a) English b) Physics c) Chemistry d) Mathematics and Statistics e) Electronics – 2 papers

Medium of Instructions
The College offers Marathi and English medium of instructions for Arts and Commerce, whereas for science, only English medium of instructions is available.

Senior college courses

F.Y.B.A. S.Y.B.A. and T.Y.B.A. Subjects – English (Compulsory), Marathi or Urdu, Optional English or Hindi, Economics or Sociology, Politics or Geography, History or Anthropology , Psychology

F.Y.B.Com. ,S.Y. B.Com, T.Y.B.Com. Subjects – English (Compulsory), Accountancy, Business Economics MicroBusiness Environment or business geography or business administration, Business Mathematics and statistics or Computer Concepts and programming, Business methods / Advertising, Selling / Banking, Finance administration etc., Secretarial Practice, Insurance and Transportation etc.

F.Y.B.Sc., S.Y.B.Sc.,T.Y.B.Sc. Subjects Mathematics, Physics, Electronics, Computer Maintenance, Chemistry, Geography, Botany, Biology, Statistics, Zoology, Microbiology.

Post-graduation courses

M.A. – Subjects – English, Marathi, History, Sociology, Economics and Geography
M.Com – Subjects – Management Accounting, Accounting and Taxation, Advance Accountancy, Cost Accountancy etc.
M.Sc. – Subjects – Analytical Chemistry, Zoology, Physics, Botany, Electronic Science, Mathematics Computer Science

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