Madhavrao Limaye

Madhavrao LimayeA senior freedom fighter and journalist of Nashik, was an eminent figure in the social, political, cultural and educational field in Maharashtra.

Born in 1915 in Pune, he lost his father when he was just one year old. His elder brother took on the responsibility of the whole family, educated the younger siblings and made them self – sufficient. Madhavrao did his schooling in the New English School of Pune and passed B.A. from Fergusson college of Pune. He had a legacy of social work from his uncle – Haribhau Tulpule, who was the Congress leader then. During the British Raj in India, his elder brother Shirubhau Limaye an active freedom fighter, influenced him and Madhavrao also joined the national freedom movement.

He started working with the Student Organization. It was while working here when the thoughts of socialism and freedom caught roots in his mind. With the able guidance and association of the Great Leaders like Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan, Acchyutrao Patwardhan, Sane Guruji, Acharya Narendra Deo and the influence of Mahatma Gandhiji and Subhashchandra Bose, he was drawn into the National Freedom Movement. His powerful eloquence attracted many youngsters to join the movement. In 1942 he was arrested and served a four year prison term for participating in the ‘Quit India Movement‘. This gave him an opportunity to meet many like – minded freedom fighters. He utilized the time in jail to read a number of books and contemplate on them. This reading helped him to build his views.

He was underground for some years and during those days he worked in Nashik, Pune and Mumbai. He took initiative in distributing bulletins against the British rule, amongst the soldiers in Bhagur area in Nashik District.

After he was released from the jail, he decided to settle down in Nashik. He married the Rashtra Seva Dal Activist Ms. Shantabai Paranjpe. Coming from a political background, she supported his social and political activities, till her demise.

In 1947 India became independent. But the ‘Swaraj‘ dreamt by freedom fighters was still far away. To realise the ‘dream‘ he left the Congress party and joined the Samajwadi Party and has been working for the party since the last five decades. He was the Editor of the weekly “Janawani” – the bulletin of Samajwadi Party. He was the leader in many a social movements like Sanyukta Maharashtra Movement, Goa Mukti Movement etc. He also suffered imprisonment in this movement.

He has written on a variety of subjects and translated many a books. His translation of the book “Pakistanche Janmarahasya” (Mystery of Pakistan’s Birth) by Vasant Nagarkar, “Samajwadache Bhavitavya” (Future of Socialism) by C.A.R. Crossland, “Na ladhalele yuddha (The war unfought) by Lt. Col. R. K. Saigal etc. are read again and again. His experiences about the dacoits in Chambal are hair raising. The biography of Acharya Jawadekar written by him is a highly motivating book. Mr Limaye was elected a Member of Vidhan Parishad. His utterance in criticizing Government on its policy on genuine problems of the people, made him a real representative of the masses. In the days of Emergency declared by the then Prime Minister – Mrs. Indira Gandhi, he supported the activists like a family head. His wife – Shantatai, his daughter and son-in-law – Dr. Shobhatai and Dr.Vinayak Nerlikar helped his social career and are continuing it further. He believes in secularism. The demolition of Babari Mashid in 1992 wounded his mind deeply.

Maharashtra Seva Sangh was founded under his Presidentship. He has founded “Rachana Vidyalaya” and “Navrachana Vidyalaya” on Gangapur Road in Nashik. “Rachana Trust” is a social organisation founded at the instance of the Senior Samajwadi Leader – the Late Shri Nanasaheb Gore. Mr Limaye is the Managing Trustee of “Rachana Trust”. This organisation undertakes various programmes for the benefit of the society. In addition, he is closely associated with the Red Cross Organisation, Freedom Fighters’ Association etc.

He is a staunch believer in democracy and hopes that the socialist views will bring about his dream of peaceful and happy life to a common man. On 13th November 1997, he was felicitated by the Nashikites on his incredible social and political work.His work and patriotism will always be remembered by the Nashikites.