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The lectures were held at various places in Nasik – Pethe High School, Morankar’s class, Ugaonkar Class, KTHM College, RYK College, MVP Engineering College etc.

 Here are topics of some of the talks arnaged by us in all these years – Matter and Antimatter (Prof. C. V. Shasrabuddhe), Chemistry of Vision (Dr. V. Balasubramaniyan), Activation Analysis (Dr. N. C. Gujrati), Special and General theory of Relativity (Mr. Jayant V. Phalke), Electronics in everyday use (Mr. M.S. Bafna), Computers and Computer Programming (Shri A. J. Kshatriya), Chemistry of Life (Dr. Padma Balasubramaniyan), Thermonuclear fusion (Mr. Vijay Ugaonkar), Union Budget (Dr. Yashwant Raravikar) Artificial Radioactivity (Dr. Arnikar ,HOD Chemistry, University of Pune), Total Solar Eclipse ( Dr. D. N. Lele), Bhopal Gas Disaster ( Dr. V Balasubramaniyan), Dolly the Clone (Dr. S. R. Gudoorkar), Fiber-Optics (Mr. Shotriya) Top Quark (Dr. Mohan Gokhale), Ham Radio (Shri Satish Chandorkar), Stars as building blocks of Matter (Dr. Gothoskar, NCRA, Pune), Battle of Neem and  Haldi (Dr.V. Balasubramaniyan), Internet (Vinay Hinge), Meaningful Science Education (Prin. Dr. Vasant Barve), Artificial Intelligence (Mahesh Joshi, USA),  Guardian Angel of Farming, Honeybees (Dr. T. B. Nikam), Srinivas Ramanujan: Man and Mathematician (Dr. N. K Thakare, HOD Mathematics, University of   Pune and Dr. Gopalkrishnan, Faulty, Mathematics, Univ. Pune ) , Bose-Einstein Condensation: Dr. Arvind Kumar (Director, Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education , Mumbai), Space Time curvature in General Relativity ( Dr. Naresh Dadhich, Director, IUCCA, Pune), Total Solar Eclipse of 1995, Higgs Boson and Large Hadron Collider, 25 years of Hubble Telescope, Gravitational Waves (LIGO Expt.), 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics: Black holes are there (All five lectures by Dr. Gireesh Pimpale).

Science festival

In the year 2002, a 5-day Nashik- Vidnyan Festival was arranged at Sarvajanik Vachnalaya, Nashik to coincide with the National Science Day. Nearly 15 NGOs working in the scientific domain in and around Nashik came together to make the Festival a success. Science Exhibition, Talks by prominent speakers and Demonstration of various simple experiments by the Homi Bhabha Center from Mumbai attracted a large number of Nashikites.  The Fest was free for all and was widely published in local media.

General Workshops

1) 2009: Science Communication through Digital media in association with NCSTC, DST (Govt. of India, New Delhi).

2) 2014: One day Science Technology Awareness Workshop at Podar International School with FYBSc students as mentors.

3) 2001: 2- days Science Teacher Orientation Programme in Pethe High School

4) 2010: Two High school Science Teachers workshops, each of one week’s duration,  at R.H. Patel High School, Sirpur (Dhule).

Hobby workshops for school students

2001: Electronic Toys workshop for high school students

2004 onward every year: Electronic Toys making and Hands on Activities workshop for High School Students at HPT/RYK, College.

2005 to 2007: Basic Sciences Introduction and  Electronic Toys making workshop.

2015-17: Electronics Toys making workshop and  Introduction to  Robots and Drones.

Conducted Workshops on Hands-on-Activities for 60 students in Orchid International School, Nashik (June. 2016).

All these workshops were very well coordinated by Dr. P. P. Joshi

Other activities

1) Experimental Demonstration  of Raman effect- Science Day 1992 (by Dr. N. C Gujrati).

2) 1986: the Comet Halley Darshan was conducted on HPT/RYK College ground for about three weeks. Thousands of Nakshikites were benefited.

3) 2017: Demonstration of Hands on Activities in the tribal area of  Girnare and Ladchi Village (Nashik).

4) 2016: Demos of the Robots by HPT/RYK College students in the Nasik Industries Manufacturers Association (NIMA) Power Exhibition.

5) 2016-17: Sunday Science Activity for high-school students on 6 consecutive Sundays with FY, SY science students as volunteers/mentors.

6) 2017: National Science Day Celebration at remote adivasi village of Harsul in Trimbakeshwar taluka for more than 2500 school children. Demos of Electronic Toys, Drones and Andhashraddha Nirmulan Demos.

Joint activities with other organizations

  • 2015: Three F. Y. B. Sc. Students attended the workshop on ‘Light’ at Mumbai arranged by Marathi Vidnyan Parishad.
  • These students visited 20 high schools to give demos of various experiments based on Light.
  • 2018: Dr. P. P. Joshi attended “Student Solar Ambassador” (SSA) Workshop at IIT-Bombay with 45 Jr. College Students.  
  • 2018-19 : Arranged Science Exhibition for school students with the help of 450 F. Y. B. Sc. Students as volunteers. • 2019: Arranged ‘Student Solar Ambassador’ (SSA) Workshop in various schools and colleges in Nashik as a part of Gandhi Global Solar Yatra (GGSY), IIT-Bombay.

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