Sudhakar Bhalerao

Sudhakar Bhalerao Mr. Sudhakar Kashinath Bhalerao, one of the leading science popularisers of Nashik, is well known not only among students, but also in all layers of the society. His main area of science popularization is Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Born in 1932, he graduated from highly reputed Christian College, Indore in 1953. Being inspired by the principles of Christianity taught by his Christian missionary teachers like Dr. Scott, Dr Mrs. Bryce and Dr Embrees, a strong desire budded in his mind to be a teacher and an educator of masses. So he did B.T. in 1956. He taught Science and Geography in Pethe Vidyalaya of Nashik for 35 years and retired as Vice-Principal of the school. He has been working very hard since over 40 years for public welfare and to uplift the masses in backwardareas in various novel ways.

With the motivation for welfare of masses, he purchased his two inch telescope in 1962 and using itaroused curiosity among children about astronomy. He has been arranging telescopic observations on various occasions like transit of Mercury, eclipses, occultation and observations of the Moon, Sun, planets and comets.

He is a hard core teacher and apart from teaching in school, he has authored a number of science related books in the regional language – Marathi. His books are written in a very simple way so that science is made easy to layman too. His efforts in this field have been commended by the State Government and his books ‘Apali Sooryamala’ (Our Solar System) and “Krutrim Upagraha Ani Avakash Vidnyan” (Artificial Satellites and Space Science) have received State Awards in the years 1972 and 1979 respectively.

He writes regularly for the science magazine “Science Today”. His articles on astronomy have been published in “Astronomy” magazine of USA. His articles on science appear frequently in Marathi magazines and newspapers like Maharashtra Times, Kirloskar, Manohar, Amrit, Vidnyan-Yug, Kesari, Vasant, Navaneet Digest, Gaokari. His lectures on science related subjects have been broadcast on Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur and Aurangabad Radio as well as Mumbai Doordarshan (T.V.). All these are part of his mission to promote astronomy and instill scientific culture among children and laymen and to establish scientific outlook.

He has incredible enthusiasm and love for sky observation which he has been doing for the last thirtyyears continuously. He also invites Nashikites to join him for the special events of astronomical importance like total solar eclipse, sight of comet, occultation etc. His small terrace, equipped with 10inch reflector telescope, and other two telescopes gets crowded on such occasions and he answers all sorts of queries of, right from students to elderly persons, ceaselessly.

He has collected around 2500 slides related to astronomy, which he uses for the lecture demonstration.He has given impetus for holding science exhibitions and given series of lectures during the exhibitions. Unless scientific culture is installed among children and laymen, eradication of superstitions andmisbelieves, especially amongst the illiterates in the villages of India, is impossible. Working towards this aim, “Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti” – The Rationalist Society of India is one of the most activesocieties in India. Mr.Bhalerao is an active worker of this Society. He writes and delivers lectures in their programmes.

‘SONG OF MY LIFE’ , an autobiography

Mr. Sudhakar Bhalerao, author of 72 Science Popularization books has written his autobiography in his native language Marathi. It is the first most through provoking, inspiring and interesting autobiography. Mr.Sudhakar Bhalerao writes in a very attractive style and writes about his rich experiences in his book published on the eve of completion of his 75 years of age. Mr. Sudhakar Bhalerao has humbly written about his work, books, lectures telescopic observations. Mr. Sudhakar Bhalerao’s autobiography depicts his rational view and pioneer efforts for creating scientific outlook among laymen in a very interesting way. This valuable book will inspire new generation.Mr. Sudhakar Bhalerao has taken keen efforts to right this novel autobiography. It is the first autobiography written by science popularizer in India.


Mr. Bhalerao has recieved State Level Award for the book Hundred Science Letters. He is recipient of Rotary Award, ‘Nashik Bhooshan’.

He is a recipient of Honorary Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, London in 1979. He was honored withNational Science Awardof Rs. 50,000 by National Council for Technology and Communications for science popularization among children and citation for his best efforts in the field in 1993. Government of India, Ministry of Education and Social Welfare has awarded him National Award in public recognition of his valuable services to the community as a teacher of outstanding merit on 28.8.1978. He received M.B. Chiplonkar Memorial Award in 1992,’Bal Kumar Sahitya Sammelan Puraskar'(Award for Children literature) in 1992. He received Scientific Temper Promotion Trust Award in 1996 and Rationalist Foundation Award. He has established’Sky and Telescope Association’Nashik to continue his dedicated purposeful activities for the society. This society was registered on 17.3.1993.

He has a special love for study of comets. He considers’study of comets’as his life’s mission. To discover new comets and novae and to solve the mystery of the Wilson Effect he is scanning the skies with his 10 inch telescope for long hours.

He is an active lecturer on the Board of Extra Mural Studies, University of Poona and Bombay. He has been working as an active member on various committees.

Books authored

Autobiography in Marathi – Maze Jeevangane.

Our Solar System Artificial Satellites and Space Science
Space Research Einstein
Alll about Chemistry Science Encyclopedia
Our Earth Distant Travellers
Men of Astronomy Astrology – A Great Humbug
Comet My Hobby – Sky Observation
Knowledge and Science Introduction to science
Three science stories Creation of Universe
New Space Science Men of Science

For Children in Marathi

Such Animals such discoveries Into the space
Towards the sky Magic of science
Science hobby club All about electricity
Magician Let us do experiments
This earth Curiosity – 20 books
The story of the moon Space research

Books in English

The realm and the Sun & Eclipses Introduction to comets

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